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Alexa Young, CA

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."

What People Are Saying


He shared insights that I did not consider before. I really like how he added a fresh perspective to common quotes. His personal stories of success really inspired me to reevaluate some of my current practices and approaches.

J. Brown

CPS Summer Leadership Institute -

A Principal's Principles


Charles did a great job of breaking down the nuances of Project, Problem, and Place-Based learning so that it was easily understandable. I really liked how he designed a scenario based on our school so that teachers would not only be able to have a hands-on learning experience but also made the exercise relevant as well. I can't wait to bring him back!

M. Curry
Thurgood Marshall

Leadership Academy -



I really wasn't sure what to expect when I attended the session because of the title. We have long held the mantra that failure is not an option so I wanted to hear his spin on it. Charles wowed me with his in-depth analysis of student performance and the need for students and staff to maintain a Growth Mindset. He convinced me that failure is a natural process of learning and that we need to embrace and learn from those mistakes if we expect to reach success. Thank you for the eye-opener!

K. Patterson

Annual ESSA Conference -

Failure Is An Option

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