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A Hands-On Approach to Learning

Personalized to your unique needs, our workshops can be designed for nearly any group regardless of age, skill level, or need.

PB3: Problem-Based, Place-Based, and Project-Based Learning

This interactive workshop explores the subtle nuances of Problem-Based, Place-Based, and Project-Based Learning and shares an innovative way to blend these three powerful instructional practices into a multi-pronged approach guaranteed to deliver results.

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Express Yourself: Vocabulary Instruction

From what they are feeling, to what they want to accomplish, to highlighting their strengths, students often have a difficult time accurately communicating due to a limited vocabulary. Come learn how to help students expand their word-base through a variety of vocabulary centered activities. This interactive session will walk you through lessons designed to excite and engage students.


I Think I Can, I Believe I Can, I Know I Can

"Whether you think you can or can't, your'e right." Henry Ford's iconic quote is the foundation for the Growth Mindset movement. This dynamic workshop will teach you how to build the growth mindset for you, your students, and your staff to experience success.

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