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Hearing the right words at the right time can be life changing. Allow me to share personal stories and insights that don't only captivate an audience but also deliver profound messages. Ideal for commencement ceremonies, staff orientations, parent meetings, and conferences.

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This deeply personal story recounts my experiences with being judged by peers, teachers, staff, police, and even strangers. Allow me to share with you the valuable lessons I took from these encounters and how they contributed to my success.

Progress over Perfection

The pursuit of perfection is inherently flawed. Perfection is unobtainable thus those who strive for it constantly experience failure. Instead, we should strive for progress. Let's be better today than yesterday, better this week than last week, better this month than last month, and better this year than last year.

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A Principal's Principles

Shared through a re-imagining of popular quotes and designed to make you laugh and reflect, join me in exploring 10 principles developed during my time in education. Sometimes the grass is only greener because its full of ... fertilizer.

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